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I help startups get traction in days, not months

Not all startups move fast. Using my proven framework, startups test their assumptions, run experiments, and get traction faster.

"It changed the way our founders work on their businesses"

Kirk Burton, CO.LAB Accelerator

“Keevins' ability to help founders gain clarity & focus is impressive!”

Laurie Watje, John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center

“We had a few founders work closely with Keevin and they all fell in love with his framework."

John Doe, Ideaa Strategy

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the FrameWork

It's not magic, it's just a framework

Customer Discovery

Not all data is equal. My framework gets you in front of the right people so you can get the right information.

Rapid Prototyping

Don't waste time over engineering. Does it solve your customers problem? Great, ship it.

Sales Funnels & Growth

Scaling is tough. I'll help your cohort run experiments to optimize their sales funnels for growth.


I've help over 100 startups get traction

“Keevin’s framework changed the way I approached making progress in my company."

Lizz Whitacre, CEO Pawlytics

 "I loved the framework Keevin used to help me move quickly and strategically.” 

Josh Rabinowitz, CEO Articulate Labs

"The progress we made in the eight weeks working with Keevin was amazing."

Emilio Goldenhersch, Co-Founder Mindcotine

“We loved meeting with Keevin each week. It was incredibly helpful to get tactical guidance on where to focus!”

Sarah Spitsen, CEO Feya Candles

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